Art has always served as a form of emotional escape for me. Whether I pick up a pen, paper, or I work with inks and paints, I zone into my own personal eldorado, relaxed and carefree. My place where the cares of the world seem to fade away, even if just for a little while , its my little pursuit of happiness. Since happiness is really a state that eludes us all, I keep drawing, continue painting and writing to keep that inexplicable emotional high.


I quickly decided after high school that I would pursue the Fine Arts. Unfortunately, back in those days long ago, and yet, not as long as you would want to think, where I come from, art was nothing but a hobby, if anyone even understood what “Fine Art” really was.

So I was firmly and sternly coerced into the direction of Architectural Draughting as I internshiped and learned archiCAD at a Swaziland Building Design Group. Halfway through, I gave up the misery of trying, secretly cashed out my tuition and paid for my first art classes with Helen Moir instead. This is where I spent my next tuition, on the start of my art journey.


In 2016 I discovered and also fell in love with a new kind of art , the art of writing beautifully. I took a class with the lovely Melissa Esplin just to test the waters, and there was born a very new journey. After reading “mastering copperplate calligraphy” by Eleanor Winters . I was hooked.

The Modern Calligraphy Summit in 2017, boosted my interest, with classes ranging from copperplate calligraphy, brush pen lettering, lettering on anything, but paper, styling, presentation, photography and the digitizing of designs. This is where I made acquaintance with the ever-so lovely Younghae Chung who specializes in Classic Copperplate Calligraphy.
I’m currently an ongoing student of Younghae, with an outstanding talent as a left handed calligrapher and attention to detail.


This is a field in which I am but just an amateur. I myself am not keen on being the subject of ones lens, but I have always been fascinated by those that are. Being a lover of art, the art of capturing a moment intrigues me.

I met a girl from California three years ago whose camera and photography inspired me to dabble in this form of art and I have been smitten ever since. I am currently an online student of the Photography Academy of Ireland. I hope you will follow me in this too ,my new journey.



For as long as I could create pretty things, my dream has been to create a platform that offers artworks in the name of love, and now it’s all about custom calligraphy and photography for lovers. The idea is to offer these two things to privileged persons at reasonable rates. The privilege of cause, being at my discretion. Many people have the need for a simply exquisite touch for their special event* without breaking their bank (wedding place cards, wedding & wedding anniversary gifts).

Colilesart is designed to cater to that specific people. Let us therefore simplify, but without a doubt electrify your event and or occasion with that very exquisite touch that you need. Contact me. Let me evaluate your story, if it qualifies then you too can be part of the colilesart concept.

* I will send you an application and a list of events that colilesart caters for at your request.

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