July 15, 2019

Quadruple Y! My Very Jolly July

This has literally been a very very long time coming. I could not be more excited and completely petrified at the very same time, but still, here I am launching the website that has taken me exactly over almost two years of planning, organizing headaches, anxieties, giving up and starting all over again. Not forgetting two web developers to put together.

First things first, please know this, besides the fact that I’m completely useless when it comes to technology matters, I can also be quite the pathological procrastinator myself. So let’s start by me letting you know how hard it was to eventually press the start button. I also tell you right now that “I just can’t help it, so please bare with me”.

I am also much more likely to start a new project than finish an old one that is taking forever to come together. Therefore I’m thoroughly pleased to have held on to this baby and seeing it through, but seriously let’s quickly do this and whatever it is you want me to do for you right now, before I get bored with myself and start on a new Idea. Again ” please bare with me”.

I’m Very Excited Indeed

This July has been generally an absolutely wonderful month for me from the word go. It began with the many months ago announcement of a “Love never Fails” convention and a very special invitation to Rotterdam that I am excited to fulfil., I’m looking forward to camping with my friends, seeing old ones and complete a whole weekend, emotionally and spiritually full of love laughter and blessings.

This July folds with an amazing “London baby!” trip that my two California dearest friends invited me to. Six days of more love, laughter and everything in between. I so… can not wait and I definitely will be sharing photos and writing about my visit to London Bethel, discoveries and walks in the corridors and around the very gardens of the ever so elegant Highclere Castle, (Downton Abbey fans beware).

I made a friend recently who has been telling me time and time over to stop worrying about perfection and what I think people will think if everything isn’t “just right”. Did you know that most procrastinators suffer from the fear of failure or the imagination that something will surely go terribly wrong? So I decided, “What the heck, let’s get this baby started” and stop trying to perfect this adventure up to no evident end.

Thank you for tuning in to this Launch , your love is very much appreciated.

First: Please check out my whole gallery, it is new and unedited for the moment, rough around the edges so to say, but it is a start and it shows a few glimpses of what I can do for you. I will soon be perfecting my pictures of cause , but for now see the original me, as we start this journey together.

Second: Do Not Miss Out on my upcoming launch of my patreon and studio6 accounts. It will be epic, EPIC! I tell you. Keep an eye out for an update on these subjects.

Last, but not at all the least. If you choose to receive my newsletter between today and the end of summer break ( 31 August) you will get my free September downloadable desktop calendar, to start your new administrative year in an artistic and bright cheerful way 🙂 This calendar, I personally designed full with copperplate calligraphy, other lettered fonts and the works.** written in both English and french.
Don’t miss it !!

Welcome to the refreshed beginning of @colilesart

** FYI: colilesart takes an absolute no nonsense approach toward sperm , constant riff-raff and general annoying useless mail.


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